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A river runs through it

Norman Maclean wrote the beautiful novella-- A River Runs Through It --as an allegory on the power of water. He would have been impressed by a discovery in Brazil that shows the mega-force of a river. The Amazon is the world's second longest river. It stretches east-west across South America. The river's watershed drains an area nearly 3 million square miles wide and accounts for approximately twenty percent of the world's total flowing water. Now Brazilian researchers report finding a second river 13,000 feet beneath the 3,700-mile-long Amazon. How this new river empties into the Atlantic Ocean is completely unknown but all that water must go somewhere. [caption id="attachment_6987" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="Amazon River delta from space (source: NASA)"][/caption] It's hard getting your head around that much water emerging from South American mountains and rainforests to feed an endless river to the sea. WHB
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