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Riled Up is a journal of science, the environment, exploration, new technology, and related commentary.  Contributors include scientists, explorers, engineers, and others who provide perspectives and context not typically offered in general news circulation.  For interested readers, additional resources are included.

The Conservation Alliance

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Rock of Ages

Besides Australia's koalas, nothing is more iconic than a giant rock.

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Crater lake

The European Space Agency has released a spectacular photograph confirming liquid water once flowed on Mars. The liquidity may have been a long time back-- 3+ billion years ago --but this is an essential piece of the puzzle to determine if life ever evolved on the Red Planet. The photo shows Eberswalde Crater where a rare instance of a martian river delta is seen. Channels that fed a lake inside the crater are obvious. Delta deposits and channels provide the best evidence yet of liquid ...
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Happy Birthday, Neptune

Today is Neptune's birthday. It only gets a birthday once every 164 years, since that how long it takes to orbit the sun. That's what a birthday is, after all. Once around our big ball of fire. Neptune, one of the Solar System's gas giants has just completed its only orbit around the sun since being discovered in 1846. The Hubble Space Telescope captured these fine, new, celebratory photos of the blue-green planet: [caption id="attachment_5569" align="aligncenter" width="575" ...


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