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Oceans & Clouds

Oceans & Clouds

A perspective of oceans and clouds (credit: Thomas Pasquet, ESA Mission Alpha)


Travelling 240 miles (400kms) above the Earth, astronaut Thomas Pasquet viewed cloud banks scattered above the ocean. From his vantage point on the International Space Station (ISS), he had this reflection on the view below:

Our planet is mostly water with a sprinklings of clouds. As land-lubbers and a few people on ships or in spacecraft, we tend to forget how much of Earth is not earth!

Pasquet compiled selections of his space photography into a video to showcase the unique perspective the remote location allowed him. The video was made during his second mission to the orbiting platform and designated, Mission Alpha. His camera was programmed to capture images at intervals of two per second and then he edited them into a time-lapse from space. Stunning views are possible from remote locations. WHB

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