Fishing for Plastic
Hugh Bollinger

Fishing for Plastic

Plastic Fishing Boat, the Netherlands (credit: Plastic Whale)

Concerns about ocean plastic pollution range from international organizations, to island nations, and individuals walking along a favorite beach.

An innovative Dutch company, Plastic Whale, offers boating excursions through the canals of Amsterdam to fish for plastic waste. The company started when it was challenged to build a single boat made from discarded plastic. Ever since, they haven't stopped in their mission to make the city's famous canals plastic-free and create value from the gathered garbage. So far, the Company has: recruited 3000 people to join their fishing trips; removed 35,000 plastic bottles from the canals; filled 560 bags with discarded plastic waste; and built 7 boats from the collected trash.

Plastic Whale says:

"we don’t like talking about the problem too much but rather working on the solution by creating cool products from plastic waste. The more people who join in, the more positive impact we create, and we want to go global." 


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