The list of extinct species is long.

Dolphin Discovery

A new dolphin found living in plain sight.

  • 3 June 2020
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Once Extinct, Almost Extinct, Found Alive

Lorn Howe Island stick insect restored.

  • 30 May 2014
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Turtle People are special. In Florida, they rescued an injured and endangered loggerhead turtle, nursed it to health, and released it back into its marine environment. This is another fine example of compassion towards these gentle creatures that are being harassed at every turn. WHB
  • 3 August 2011
  • Author: Hugh Bollinger
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The news has been pretty bad lately and positive examples have been rare. Here are three developments that deserve wider attention: 600 new species discovered in Madagascar Largest population of rare gibbon found in Vietnam Rare Rainbow Toad Rediscovered after 80 Years WHB
  • 1 August 2011
  • Author: Hugh Bollinger
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Evolution on islands has produced myriads of wondrous plants and animals. Some of these creations can be rather odd in appearance, however. Think of the dodo, a flightless pigeon discovered in the 16th Century on the island of Mauritius. Without predators, the dodo evolved -- or devolved -- until it lost its wings, grew pudgy, and waddled about with no fear. It is now long gone and has become a poster-child for extinction. The dodo couldn't survive in the face of invasive predators like ...