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Tim DeChristopher sentenced

It's a great American story. Man sees wrong, man decides to do something, man takes law into his own hands, man fights the establishment through unconventional means, man wins, many important people agree with him. Still, establishment must set an example, so man is arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to prison It's a classic story, and it's the story of Tim DeChristopher. He was sentenced to two years in prison for sabotaging an attempt by the government to auction off the rights to drill on some of the most beautiful land in the world. My main question is about the story. Does this story end here? Was that a wonderful three act drama we just witnessed, with the final act being DeChristopher sentenced? Or was that just act one of a much larger, much more consequential story. Was that the denoument? Or was that all backstory? I wonder what happens next. - Reilly Capps
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