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America's Most Endangered Rivers
Hugh Bollinger

America's Most Endangered Rivers


2021 map of endangered American rivers (credit: American Rivers)


The conservation group American Rivers regularly assesses the condition of rivers in the Unitied States and releases a report on the most threatened. Their reports make for disturbing reading.

In 2021, the endangered water sources in the USA range across the nation and are all affected by a series of abuses such as water pollution, mining, and development pressures of one sort or another. From the Snake River in Idaho, to the Pecos River in New Mexico, and Boundary Waters in Minnesota all ten water systems underscore how threats to rivers are threats to our health, safety, and renewal. The Boundary Waters received special mention on National Public Radio as an example of all the associated threats that could impact that river system on the border with Canada. Tom Kiernan, President of American Rivers, made a public comment on their 2021 assessment of the health of rivers.

You can read the entire report here. WHB

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