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Conservation Photographers

Dwarf Minke Whale making eye contact, Great Barrier Reef, Australia (credit; Pam Osborn)


Occasional contributors Wayne & Pam Osborn are wildlife investigators and master photographers from Australia. They focus much of their attention to documenting whales, their habitats, and developing maps which help design marine protected areas. These efforts have provided valuable information regarding the recovery of whale populations, their migration patterns, and the general conservation status of whales around Australia and elsewhere.

The Osborn's represent a new face of conservation where dedicated individuals provide useful photographic records that assists over-stretched marine researchers and marine park managers. The role of international dive tour companies and organizations also assist in such conservation efforts. A summary of the Osborn's efforts was published as: Whale Photography for Conservation and Research


                     Sperm Whale formation, Azores  (credit: Wayne Osborn)

You can read about other wildlife projects the Osborn's undertake at: Whales, Wildlife, & Wilderness


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