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De-extinction & Other Possible Futures

De-extinction & Other Possible Futures

Stewart Brand (credit: Wikicommons)

Stewart Brand, the publisher of the famous technology and counter-culture journal The Whole Earth Catalog, now available online, has a new mission. He envisions using advanced technology to now solve current environmental problems. Ever the futurist and 'cutting edge' thinker, Brand presented his wide-ranging vision to a TED conference audience and in a follow-on interview.

He says: "imagine global greening because the story being told is that we are the next meteor, but things are capable of getting better."

The futurist continues his conversation on these and other possible outcomes with curator Chris Anderson:

The Dallas-based company Colossal Biosciences is well on its way of accomplishing the goals for the de-extinction of the Woolly Mammoth and the iconic, flightless bird the dodo that once lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Technology marches onward and hopeful future outcomes could occur if these creatures are returned to the environments where they are now extinct. WHB

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