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Elon Musk: The Future We're Building

Elon Musk: The Future We're Building

Elon Musk TED conversation (credit:TED)

Elon Musk has grand designs for building, boring, and imagining the future. He explains some of his ideas to the curator of the TED conferences.

The mega-entrepreneur presents a new project he is pursuing for digging transportation tunnels under Los Angeles, what he plans for his electric car company Tesla and SpaceX, along with several solar energy schemes, and his motivation for building a future on Mars. Zipping underground from Westwood to LAX in 6 minutes? solar power for everyone? The are all on Musk's drawing board. His enthusiasm for "big ideas", goals for renewable energy, and making LA more sustainable should not be ignored. He also uses humor to keep himself from going "off the wall" with some plans. WHB

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