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First Light
Hugh Bollinger

First Light

First Light, is the term of reference for the first time a telescope peers into space or at a distant star. It is also used when the new instrument is being tested and an image is acquired for calibration. Such photos are typically of poor quality so the machine can be fine-tuned. The first image from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been received and it is a stellar vision that is on display.

The Webb carries an infrared camera with sensors that can detect heat signals of the planet, star, or galaxy it is imaging. The first JWST photograph has been combined with two earlier infrared images from the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes. The clarity of the Webb's test image is remarkable and with further adjustments we expect even more impressive photography will soon appear for all to ponder. The Webb may even be able to image how an exoplanet appears. WHB

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