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Gamers Win
Hugh Bollinger

Gamers Win

   Viral protein modeled by (credit: University of Washington)

Online gamers are often labeled, slackers.

Gamers are portrayed spending hours playing video-games like Dungeons & Dragons where they blast, blow up, or otherwise destroy everything in sight. That low-life image may need a make-over. Invented at the University of Washington in Seattle, an interactive group of gamers has now solved a molecular biology puzzle. They deciphering the structure of a virus that had stymied lab scientists for years. The consequences may include the development of vaccines for a wide range of diseases including COVID19.

The gamers used a collaborative, puzzle solving technology,, to construct 3D protein folding structures. Previously, such research required super-computers to create a functional model. is an interactive game where the players are divided into teams who compete for chains of amino acids to build a protein. The players produced an accurate model of the test virus in three weeks. Their achievement was published by Nature Structural & Molecular Biology and the authors suggest could have broad applications to other areas of science. The novel coronavirus COVID19 is now be modeled using which will help determine therapies or a vaccine.

Maybe playing in those creepy dungeons offered some benefits after all.


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