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The Conservation Alliance

Hugh Bollinger
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Gulp, the movie

Filmmaking is a collaborative affair. First you need a script, then a director, then producers, actors, financing, and distribution. It's complicated and probably not any more so than with stop-action animation projects. The hilarious Wallace & Gromit movies from Aardman Animation Studios are excellent examples of this animation style and their films charm kids and adults alike. Besides all the creative human talent required, engineering and technology is critical at all levels of the animation filming and editing process. In the making of Gulp, the largest stop-motion animated project ever attempted, everything from the latest smartphones, to high-tech cranes, and all forms of computers were required to re-create a Jonah and the Whale fishing story in sand on a beach in England. The efforts of the producers Sumo Science to make it all work in Gulp are shown well in this short video: The sand sea monster is super-cool. The fully realized animated short can be viewed here: WHB
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