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Jupiter in Fractals
Hugh Bollinger

Jupiter in Fractals


Fractal clouds & Great Red Spot on Jupiter  (credit: JPL:, Mik Petter)


Looking more like a poster from a Grateful Dead concert, an artist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena used data from the Juno mission to create an image of Jupiter's Great Red Spot in fractals.

According to the Lab, the artist used data from their JunoCam imager to form fractals using a math formula. In the process he created a piece of digital art that illustrated an array of Jupiter's cloud details, colors, and light. The wild and tumultuous atmospheric zones in and around the Great Red Spot were highlighted by the use of the colorful fractal forms. The original photograph was acquired on the mission's seventh flyby of the planet from an altitude of 8,648 miles above Jupiter's cloud tops. The natural image is almost as wild and psychedelic as the fractal creation.



        Clouds and Great Red Spot, Jupiter, 7-10-2017 (credit: Juno mission)

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