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Long Exposures

Long Exposures

Solarigraph from Valladolid, Spain July 2018 & May 2019 (credit: Wikipedia/Luis Salazar)


Solarigraphy, also referred to as pin-hole photography, is an alternative approach to creating a photo by using a 19th Century technique of capturing light focused on a photo-receptive surface. Images typically capture the Sun as it moves across the field-of-view over a long period of time. This solargraph shows a bi-plane sitting stationary as the Sun rose and set over a 45-day exposure through a pin-hole camera box. The gaps in the Sun's trails resulted on cloudy days.

           Bi-plane solargraph, Budapest, Hungary  (credit: NASA/Csaba Kovacs)

Solarigraphy, and other early photographic techniques, are having a renaissance with contemporary photo-sensitive materials being used in these processes. A video tutorial presents multiple examples that are now available to create these fascinating pictures. WHB

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