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Perseverance Approaches Mars
Hugh Bollinger

Perseverance Approaches Mars

Mars Jezero Crater with ancient river delta (credit: JPL/NASA)

After years of planning, precise engineering, and space research, JPL's Perseverance rover will aim to land safely on Mars. The SUV-sized rover is equipped with a laboratory of scientific instruments and several technology demonstrations including the first ever helicopter to fly on another planet. However, the spacecraft must first land safely at its destination, Jezero Crater. Jezero was selected because the crater maintained flowing water during the early era on Mars and could have offered conditions to support life. The European Space Agency (ESA) provided high-resolution imagery from their Mars Express mission to select potential Martian landing sites before Jezero was chosen. An ESA video describes the crater and the planned landing zone marked as an orange ellipse.

It is Mars or Bust time now. WHB



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