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Regina Dugan: Be Nice To Nerds

Regina Dugan: Be Nice To Nerds

DARPA logo (credit: DARPA)

Being nice to nerds can lead to some of the most remarkable discoveries in science and technology. That is a guiding, creative principal at DARPA, the advanced projects agency of the US military.

DARPA is best known for promoting and funding some of the most 'out of the box' thinking and thinkers. The Agency has sponsored the development of technologies including 3D manufacturing; robotic hummingbirds; genetically modified plants that produce vaccines; prosthetic arms controlled by thought; biomimicry-based robots; and along with National Science Foundation grantees the internet itself.

Former DARPA director Regina Dugan shares why DARPA continues being 'nice to nerds'. Dugan advises: "if you don't have a nerd in your life, you should get one". WHB

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