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Sheer Joy
Hugh Bollinger

Sheer Joy

Zola dancing to Fame (credit: Dallas Zoo/YouTube)

Animals often behave in ways that look striking similar to how a person might react, sometimes surprisingly so. Think of the pure pleasure gained by jumping in a lake or standing under a waterfall.

Zola, the Dallas Zoo's 380-pound Silverback Gorilla, loves splashing in water while listening to pop music. The gorilla is 14 years old and dances while in his large blue wading pool. Zola was recently seen smiling, dancing, and splashing about in the pool with an expression of sheer joy. A human kiddo does the same in their little wading pools.

Someday, maybe Zola will have a tropical rainforest pond to splash in all he likes but likely without the Backstreet Boys as accompaniment. WHB

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