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Study Species To Craft Solutions

Study Species To Craft Solutions

New jellyfish species(credit: Alejandro Alvarado, TED)

Interest in biomimicry is nothing new, Leonardo da Vinci studied the wings of birds to design flying contraptions and tree branches to understand fractals. New materials for everything from glues used by engineers; to miniaturized robots for field explorations; and tissue replacements for surgeries have come from studying what already exists in nature. Eons of evolution have allowed animals, plants, and insect species to adapt superbly to stresses in their natural environments. 

Biomimicry is a rapidly growing field of study and has interested this journal before. It is now moving into 'high gear' in research efforts worldwide. Studying the elegant adaptations of species is explained by Dr. Alejandro Alvarado, an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, to a TED conference audience. Some of his examples and their potential uses will amaze you. WHB

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