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Riled Up is a journal of science, the environment, exploration, new technology, and related commentary.  Contributors include scientists, explorers, engineers, and others who provide perspectives and context not typically offered in general news circulation.  For interested readers, additional resources are included.

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VR Mars

Mars in VR is like being there.

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Landing on Mars is tricky

NASA has produced a video illustrating the launch, landing, and analysis they hope will happen when the Mars Science Laboratory, aka, Curiosity reaches Mars next year. The rover's landing required some pretty cool-- almost SciFi like --engineering ideas. Let's hope everything goes well for the robot laboratory as shown in the animation. WHB
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Gale Crater here we come

The space shuttles may be now heading for museum displays but the scientists and engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are close to launching their next generation of Mars roving explorers, Curiosity. They have released a cool video about the rover's destination that was just announced, Gale Crater. If the Mars Science Laboratory successfully lands on the Martian plains-- other Mars landing attempts crashed & burned in the past --we may finally get an answer to the ...


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