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Hugh Bollinger
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The weak evidence for UFOs

Or, how not to ruin a party

By Reilly Capps Here's Neil DeGrasse Tyson on how evidence for UFOs is so weak. A funny, passionate, easy-to-understand rant that will help you shoot down all those visitation stories your friends tell you.  (Read note below after viewing.) Note: this kind of thing has serious buzzkill potential. Water cooler discussions and parties tend to roll when we all nod our heads at inane/insane theories from boring/tipsy people about how they saw a UFO. So be sure to cut an air hole in the wet blanket you throw on their close encounter story by immediately mentioning all the amazing actual scientific advances we're making in the study of extraterrestrial life. Mention all the places life COULD BE, from the moons of Jupiter to methane lakes. And tell them how we're discovering new kinds of life that are more or less aliens living right on our own planet.  And tell them how we're speculating that life could be based on elements other than carbon, such as silicon. You'll sound like a Poindexter. At least you won't sound like a nut.
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