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Volcanoes 101
Hugh Bollinger

Volcanoes 101

Stratovolcano illustration (credit: Wiki-commons)

What would happen if the volcano lying underneath the Yellowstone Caldera were to come to life sooner and faster than expected? Volcanology research at Arizona State University in Tempe, using lava crystals, suggests this has happened in the past. Earthquake monitors in Yellowstone have shown some recent lava movement that has produced "swarms" of small quakes.

The National Geographic Society produced Volcanoes 101 a tutorial on the dynamics of super-volcanoes to explain their basic geology and illustrate the eruption process.

We know deal more about volcanoes than people did in the past. You wouldn't want to live near such a mountain and end up like the unsuspecting residents of seaside Pompeii in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. 


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