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With The Eyes Of A Kid

With The Eyes Of A Kid


Young caterpillar portrait (credit: Creative Commons)

What if we could maintain our level of curiosity os the world like when we were kids?

Commercial photographer, Levon Biss, had traveled the world for his work but was looking for something new and different. His young son brought him a beetle from their English garden and Biss placed it under a microscope. He discovered the world of insects. With Biss's knowledge of lighting, adapting lens to microscopes, and image stacking he created a process for shooting insects in unbelievable detail. The resulting portraits, each consisting of between 8,000-10,000 individual shots, became a traveling exhibit, Microsculptures.

Biss's story is not just about remarkable photography but also on the importance of inspiration that can happen by serendipity from any place, at any time. You simply need to pay attention and be willing respond on what apears to you. WHB

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