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DeChristopher speaks

Tim DeChristopher, a forceful speaker for his causes, speaks after he was convicted on both counts of disrupting a federal lease sale of the rights to drill in Utah: DeChristopher often talks in a way that is more emotional than other environmentalists. And if I had to say why, I'd say this: he talks like there's something at stake. Because, for him, there is. And not just jail time or a huge fine. He believes deep down what many of us only really grasp intellectually, which is that a future of massive climate change is going to be very painful for humans. And he believes that something can be done. He believes he is powerful. He said: "We will not be lied to and told that we are weak. We will not be divided and we will not back down." He said: "Many before me have gone to jail for justice and if we are going to achieve our vision many after me will have to join me as well." Several supporters called out that they would join him. Apparently, the DeChristopher jurors had a tough time with the decision. They even teared up. - RC
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