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Across the Universe
Hugh Bollinger

Across the Universe

Spiral galaxy M106 in X-ray (credit: JPL-Caltech/NASA)

If our eyes had wider sensitivity to the electromagnetic spectrum to see x-rays, the ultraviolet, and infrared (IR) wavelengths, everything would appear completely different. Cameras carried into space by planetary probes and stationary telescopes have had this capability and have been capturing stunning images already. The spiral galaxy M106 is nearly 24 million light years distant and has been observed and imaged by the Chandra space telescope. The recently launched James Webb space telescope with its infrared camera will hopefully soon return even more impressive photographs and from even further distant.

The Beatles brought musical inspiration and amazement of stars and galaxies with their 1969 hit song Across the Universe. Soon we should be able to view imagery from the Webb's array of 2000 IR color sensors as it peers across the universe and be further amazed ourselves. WHB


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