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Canopy Confluences & A Child's Guide To Tree Climbing

Canopy Confluences & A Child's Guide To Tree Climbing


Treetop Barbie (credit: Nalini Nadkarni/Mattel)


Forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni describes how she came to appreciate trees both as fascinating research subjects but also for myriad other attributes. She recently published a new book, Between Earth and Sky, on her pioneering research efforts. Holding experiential 'canopy confluences' involving other disciplines, Nadkarni hopes they might become involved in developing more intellectual connections. These efforts follow her first book, A Child's Guide to Tree Climbing, written when she was just six years old. The scientist and author has presented her ideas and approaches to communication about forests to an audience at the National Geographic Society, the National Science Foundation, and her university classes. You can learn about her diverse forest interests and why her early book on tree climbing was written for kids.

Nadkarni believes a 'tree top Barbie' toy could help counter a lack of ecological awareness, particularly among young girls. She may be right again. WHB

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