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Mick Jagger-osaurus

Mick Jagger-osaurus


Mick Jagger (credit: Wiki-commons)

You can't claim that researchers lack a sense of humor or are devoid of music appreciation.

A dinosaur fossil was named by paleontologists after the famous rock star, Mick Jagger by scientists at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. The fossilized lips of this swamp dwelling creature, that lived 19 million years ago in Africa, was named Jagger’s water nymph’ or Jaggermeryx naida. Jaggermeryx was a hippo-like critter with big lips who lived during the Miocene era

The original fossil had been in storage since 1918 in the Cairo museum until being rediscovered and determined to be a new species of dinosaur. It remains a question if 'rock & rollers' might not themselves be a bit fossilized when still prancing and croaking songs while in their 70's. WHB


Fossilized lips, Jaggermeryx  (credit: Wake Forest University)            Jaggermeryx (credit: Creative Commons)

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