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Carl Sagan Gets His Own Movie

Carl Sagan Gets His Own Movie

Carl Sagan viewing Voyager images. [credit: NASA]

Sagan, the wise. Sagan, the honest. Sagan, oh Sagan, the teller of truths. Sagan, oh Sagan, the bringer of the stars to all the masses.

OK, OK, so my worship of Sagan verges on the unhealthy. After all, the dude was famous for unwaveringly holding that there's no evidence for a god, yet I worship him like Muslims Muhammad, Indian Americans the bear, and Hindus getting a job at Microsoft.

Sagan the Majestic is slated for a biopic from a big Hollywood outlet, Warner Bros. Attached as producers are Ann Dryuan, his ex-wife who worked with Sagan on Cosmos and Voyager's famous Golden Record. The production also includes Lynda Obst, who worked with the great scientist Kip Thorne to produce the Christopher Nolan pic Interstellar as well as the adaptation of the Sagan's novel Contact.

I'm super-stoked to catch the new bio-pic when it is released. In the meantime, I intend to re-watch all of the original Cosmos episodes. Which is what I was doing anyway. A conversation with Sagan and two other 'big thinkers' will have to do as well, but still....!

Reilly Capps

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