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Ida Arrived
Hugh Bollinger

Ida Arrived

Hurricane Ida in Gulf of Mexico, 8-28-2021 (credit: NOAA/GOES satellite)

Hurricane Ida slammed into the US southern Gulf Coast with predicted Category-4 furry. The GOES-17 Earth monitoring satellite captured the hurricane's movements in exact detail as its furry hit Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi before becoming a tropical storm passing over Tennessee and beyond. Extreme volumes of rain has fallen amplified by climate change which allows a warmer atmosphere to carry higher amounts of moisture.

So far, storm damages include destruction of physical infrastructure. power outages, and loss of life. The costs for repairs are not known. The geo-stationary cameras and associated sensors observe North, Central, and South America as well as the Caribbean. Dual satellites are positioned over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to provide continuous coverage. The GOES gather environmental data that allows for nearly hourly updates to weather forecasts and alerts on storm systems, forest fires, and other hazards. NOAA operates this system of Earth monitoring satellites with the newest, soon GOES-18, to be launched later this year.


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