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Gallery Space Art
Hugh Bollinger
/ Categories: Media, photography, Space, design, Travel

Gallery Space Art

Veil Nebula, Hubble space telescope (credit: Hubble/NASA)

The Hi-Res cameras carried by the remarkable Juno and Cassini space probes, both managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, produced images art museums were proud to hang. Here are two impressive examples from those solar system explorers. Likewise, spectacular pictures snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope, captured everyone's imagination. They look stunning on white walls anywhere. When the James Webb space telescope becomes fully operational soon, its photographs will be 100x more detailed than Hubble imagery. They will be ready for an exhibition on any gallery space available. WHB


               North polar cyclones, Jupiter (credit: Juno/JPL                                             Saturn's rings with Titan and Enceladus in b/w (credit: Cassini/JPL)

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