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Heads in the Sand---Bums in the Air

Heads in the Sand---Bums in the Air

Australian beach protest (credit:

Australians are known for their wit and clever approaches to telling stories. They demonstrated this talent in a quirky way while choosing to protest inaction on climate change in a beach demonstration against national environmental policies.

Taking a queue from the ostrich's habit to avoid danger by sticking their heads in the ground, Aussie beach-goers created a protest during an international economics gathering. The climate change organization,, captured the direct actions with "heads in the sand...bums in air" as an obvious statement. A tourist captured the scene of the protest in a short video.

International meetings are now underway to re-consider the World Heritage designation for the Great Barrier Reef undergoing another coral bleaching event, New protests may appear as signs of   inaction on climate change continues in Australia and elsewhere. WHB

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