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Riled Up is a journal of science, the environment, exploration, new technology, and related commentary.  Contributors include scientists, explorers, engineers, and others who provide perspectives and context not typically offered in general news circulation.  For interested readers, additional resources are included.

We are proud supporters of

The Conservation Alliance

Giving Directly

Giving Directly

GiveDirectly logo (credit: GiveDirectly)

Individuals who have donated to a group or organization do so because they want to help realize its stated objectives. Every donor hopes their donation is effective and applied to the intended use.

The UK-based non-profit, GiveDirectly, aims to put donated funds directly into the hands of needy recipients by using their personal cell phones. The organization established a set of core values to follow for providing any donations. Over the past decade, more than $750 million has been directly transferred to over 1.5 million recipients. GiveDirectly's diverse group of institutional and corporate partners includes the US Agency for International Development (USAID); Google, and the NBA. Their goal is simply stated:

GiveDirectly lets donors send money directly to the world's poorest households. We believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives and cash enables that choice.

This Journal has long supported non-profit and grassroots organizations involved in environmental conservation and restoration work. These have included The Conservation Alliance with their community-based projects to protect wild places and PAX Natura and their project in tropical rainforest and biodiversity protection.

GiveDirectly continues moving further in their efforts to reach individuals and positively affect their lives by directed donations. In this regard, they are following the pioneering work of the Grameen Bank which developed the concept of micro-lending to poor communities as a means to initiate small business ventures. Consider a GiveDirectly donation with their unique approach trying to affact a positive impact to people's lives. The Editors

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