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Intelligent Designers

Intelligent Designers

Micro-hydro turbine for urban water pipes (credit: Lucid Energy)


Alternative energy and engineering design efficiency includes an array of technologies from solar panels and wind energy, to wave power and hydro-electricity. Each offers commercial and job opportunities to generate sustainable energy and reduce carbon dioxide and air pollution in the process.

A fine example was highlighted in a report on the Oregon company, Lucid Energy, that has developed an innovative approach to harvesting the latent energy that can be produced from municipal water supply systems. By installing micro-hydro turbines in Portland's water pipes, Lucid's 'intelligent designers' have delivered a unique way of replacing electricity generated by an aging coal-fired power plant in the city. The system simply requires people to turn on their faucets at home, office, or school and the turbines run and generate hydro-power.

Creative designers and mechanical engineers are essential for develop technologies that can replace coal-fired power generation without disrupting lifestyles, trade, or the environment. The Portland system have been so successful Lucid is expanding to other cities. Here's how it works: 

Portland's renewable energy system should be copied across America.


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