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Juno Does Monet
Hugh Bollinger

Juno Does Monet

Citizen-scientist David Englund's avant-garde Jovian artwork (credit: JunoCam imager, JPL)

Cameras carried by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Juno spacecraft have captured remarkable images and data from Jupiter. Any abstract painter would appreciate their vibrancy and colors. 

JPL allows individuals to re-imagine Jupiter from an artistic perspective using the data from JunoCam, the spacecraft's imaging system. One re-interpretation of the planet's famous Great Red Spot appears to pay a tribute to the renowned French impressionist, Claude Monet. The raw image was captured at ~10,274 miles above Jupiter's swirling cloud tops. If you'd like to try your own talent on a JunoCam image, the raw data is available to download here.

Who said the arts & sciences don't go well together?


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