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Lava Rivers Reach the Ocean
Hugh Bollinger

Lava Rivers Reach the Ocean


Fissure-8 lava rivers from Mount Kiluaea, 6-14-2018 (credit: USGS)


Eruptions at Hawaii's Mount Kilauea volcano are continuing with dramatic imagery being captured by professionals and amateurs alike. A recent helicopter video shows the lower zone of the volcano with lava fountains feeding channelized flows into the ocean. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), lava is flowing unabated as a 'lava river' emerges from the fissure. The overflight video shows a crust forming over the channel as it spreads out during its approach to the Pacific Ocean. The lava is active along the entire length of its coastal entry, approximately 1 mile.

Hawaii's Big Island is undergoing a 'growth spurt' that is being seen in real-time by everyone.


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