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Michael Pollan on Cooking at Home

Michael Pollan on Cooking at Home

Michael Pollen on Cooking at Home (credit: RSA)

I learned to cook several Southern recipes from my Tennessee grandmother. She began showing me the process when I was only five years old. I still make her potato salad, deviled eggs, and frozen grapes salad.

Food explorer, astute observer, and New York Times 'best selling' author Michael Pollan offers his ideas about home cooking where he mostly eats plants. In his book, Cooked, Pollan investigated the power of four essential elements— fire, water, air, and earth— that can be used to transform plant products into delicious edibles. He learned to grill with fire; cook with liquid; bake bread; and ferment beer. During his literary 'journey of discovery', Pollan also realized the special place cooking has been to us ever since the stone age cooks fires roasting in caves.

Home cooking is the best and also where culture is passed along through the generations. I didn't understand that once but certainly do now. WHB

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