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Mountain Day...Every Day

Mountain Day...Every Day


International Mountain Day Poster (credit: FAO)


International Mountain Day comes once a year on December 11th. It should be remembered all year.

Mountain Day is sponsored by the United Nations and was designated to remind everyone of these critical landscapes and their importance. Mountains worldwide require more recognition for the sustainable resources they provide to us. Whether North America's Rocky Mountain spine, South America's high Andes, Africa's remote Ruwenzori with their other-worldly alpine plants, Asia's massive Himalayas, Europe's Alps, or Australia's Great Diving Range, these massifs are vital. Mountains provide water supplies to lowland farms and cities; they moderate the climate; provide recreational opportunities; harbor rice forests and wildlife habitat; while offering spiritual values recognized by all religions. We all suffer when mountain are abused.

Unfortunately, many mountains are being degraded by unplanned developments, population expansion, deforestation, and climate change. Mountain Day is associated with a global meeting of the Mountain Partnership held in Rome at the same time. The meeting,hosted by the Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) focuses on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development. A 'call for action' is a showcase of concrete efforts to strengthen resilience of mountain peoples and their environments.

While an international meeting can acknowledge the importance of mountains, anyone can celebrate Mountain Day with a relevant activity at schools or in your community. You can receive recognition of a project by sending an email to FAO and receive a listing here by the organizers. Additionally, there is an opportunity available to submit a video for a contest (#MountainsMatter) to tell your local story.

Why not get involved and learn more about this global initiative? A day for remembering mountains on one day is fine but it would be better to remember them every day.


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