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James Balog, Chasing Ice Sundance Premiere January 2012

The documentary film Chasing Ice premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The filmmakers followed the ice explorations of photographer James Balog as he and his team captured evidence of declining glaciers in Iceland, Greenland, and elsewhere in North America. It went on to be seen by audiences worldwide. Film clips from Balog's Extreme Ice Survey, illustrate the power of time-lapse, photography to capture events as they unfold over years' long time in the cryosphere:


Mendhenhall Glacier Melt, Alaska 2007-2015 (credit: Extreme Ice Survey)


Sólheimajökull Glacier Melt, Iceland 2007-2015 (credit: Extreme Ice Survey)

The Geological Society of America has now used some of Balog's visual evidence of glacial in a new report, Savor the Cryosphere . The photographic records Balog captured may represent some of the last evidence of ice cover that won't seen again in many human life times as deglaciation from a warming climate accelerates.


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