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My Life As A Turkey

My Life As A Turkey


Joe Hutto with wild turkeys (credit: Nature)


If you thought turkeys were only butterballs in the Thanksgiving oven, think again. The BBC series, Nature, presents the true story of wildlife biologist and author Joe Hutto and his family of wild turkeys. Hutto had the 'up front and personal' opportunity to observe and study the intelligence of these iconic birds, their social imprinting, and how to communicate with the wild birds as he raised them from hatched poults.

My Life as a Turkey from ASECIC_VIMEO on Vimeo.

“Had I known what was in store—the difficult nature of the study and the time I was about to invest—I would have been hard pressed to justify such an intense involvement. But, fortunately, I naively allowed myself to blunder into a two-year commitment that was at once exhausting, often overwhelming, enlightening, and one of the most inspiring and satisfying experiences of my life.”  –Joe Hutto, Illumination in the Flatwoods

You won't think about turkeys the same way again and might even learn a few words of turkey yourself. WHB

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