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Plant Of The Month, Red-capped mallee

Plant Of The Month, Red-capped mallee

Red-capped mallee, Eucalyptus erythorocorys (credit: Australian Native Plant Society)

The Red-capped mallee, Eucalyptus erythrocorys, is Plant of the Month. This gum tree is an Australian species restricted to isolated sandy limestone ridges and outcrops north of Western Australia's capital, Perth. While the small, endemic tree is very restricted in nature, it has been introduced into horticulture and now is grown in many regions with temperate, dry, and semi-tropical environments.

The genus Eucalyptus consists of over 800 known species and with new Eucs are still being discovered. With only a couple of exceptions, all species are restricted to Australia. Evolution and natural selection has created Eucalypts that grow to the height and dimensions of California redwoods to creeping shrubs covering rocks and hilltops. Species are used for commercial construction, in furniture, for essential oils, and in landscaping. The National Botanical Garden at Cranbourne outside of Melbourne has developed creative planting designs to showcase how these fine drought-tolerent trees and shrubs can be used to enhance home landscapes. The Red-capped mallee, a multi-stemmed form, is a beautiful example of the structural and visual diversity in these important trees. WHB

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