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Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle (Acacia bealbata) illustration (credit: Public Domain)

Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) is an Australian tree ranging across New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. It has been widely planted in Mediterranean climates, warm temperate locations, and the highland tropics around the world. Australia has even established a Wattle Day to celebrate these special, important, and diverse native plants.

The Silver Wattle is one species in a huge genus of over 950 species found only in Australia with new ones are being discovered regularly. The tree's golden flowers produce a nice perfume that can fill a landscape or a garden from its copious bunches. Planted outside its native habitat, particularly in southern Africa, the tree has become a weed and is less popular.

A macro-photograph of a bud and blooming branches provide good comparisons. WHB


 Silver Wattle bud as seen by macro-photography (credit: Patrick Kavanagh)

                       Silver Wattle tree in bloom, (credit: Etsy)

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