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Riled Up is a journal of science, the environment, exploration, new technology, and related commentary.  Contributors include scientists, explorers, engineers, and others who provide perspectives and context not typically offered in general news circulation.  For interested readers, additional resources are included.

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Rewilding the World

Rewilding the World


George Monbiot (credit: George

George Monbiot, the environmental writer for The Guardian newspaper in London, presents ideas on restoring 'wildness' to degraded ecosystems. He re-imagines a wilder world where humans work to restore the complex, and more often now degraded, ecological systems that once surrounded us all.

Environmental restoration is feasible when proper insight, project design, implementation, and management are utilized. However, who will pay?, is there the will?, how do you develop a community buy-in,? these are important questions Monbiot believes are worth pondering. WHB

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