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Riled Up is a journal of science, the environment, exploration, new technology, and related commentary.  Contributors include scientists, explorers, engineers, and others who provide perspectives and context not typically offered in general news circulation.  For interested readers, additional resources are included.

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Solar soldiers

Australia is ofter called "the sunbaked land" and not without good reason. The sun shines almost all the time on the island continent. Not surprisingly, the Aussies have been solar energy pioneers but their latest development is really pushing the envelope of generating applications from the sun. Solar energy researchers from the Australian National University have just developed a light-weight solar vest for soldiers. [caption id="attachment_6676" align="aligncenter" width="537" ...
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Remember the heat affects animals too

With a massive and dangerous heat wave affecting people across the country, we should not forget that wildlife are impacted badly as well. This grannie video captured during a severe Australian bush fire illustrates compassion-in-action by first responders in helping one of many stranded animals they encountered. WHB
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Smelly camels

Australia has a big problem with feral camels. The dromedaries were brought to the island in the mid-19th century for use in exploring the continent's interior. They didn't work out too well as exploration transport-- camels are known to be a bit cantankerous and they smell bad as well --and once abandoned, multiplied rapidly with nothing to control their numbers. The beasts now exceed 1 million feral camels wandering about the Australian Outback munching away at the arid vegetation. The ...
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More on the eucalyptus trees

Reilly, You say that plants can tell a story, they all do but most people can’t read the book---they’re just “plants." One story of the Eucalyptus trees is that they do battle with all other plants. I’m a real fan of eucalyptus trees in their proper place. They’re amazing trees! Australia has 800+ species and counting the last time I checked. The genus is solely found in OZ with the exception of a couple of species on Papua New Guinea, since the two islands were attached during the ...
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Listen to the eucalyptus trees

Turns out, the bastards have something to say about climate change By Reilly Capps The eucalyptus trees of northern California give the place an elegant, dilapidated charm. They rise high from the ground quickly but then seem to run out of steam, looping back toward the Earth in a graceful swoop. These ones below  are from Golden Gate National Recreation Area, just north of San Francisco, where I camp. And camping on Angel Island, in the nearby San Francisco bay, the eucalyptus ...
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What's next? Pistachios, no less!

Recently, Riled Up posted my commentary about the impacts erratic weather was having on coffee bean production and beverage prices. I posed the  question, "What's next?"  to see  if other commodities might not experience similar availability or price fluctuations from climate related events. We didn’t need long to wait for an answer. Wired Science has just reported the devastating impact massive rains — recently deluging parts of Queensland and elsewhere in Australia — have had on ...
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Bursting with Life

The great Australian Outback is bursting with life this year. Record breaking rains are rejuvenating vast landscapes awakening long dormant roots, seeds, and tubers in the desert. Iconic places like the Simpson Desert, the Kimberley, and Lake Eyre have been transformed into gardens of wildflowers, ponds, and wide muddy lakes and rivers. Lake Eyre , a large and normally dry basin in South Australia, has been filled with runoff from rains double the amount normally registered for the ...


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