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The Conservation Alliance

Hugh Bollinger
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The European Space Organization announced the new discovery of 50 more extra solar planets including one planet within the temperate zone of its star. The planet could potentially support life but nothing quite like we know it. [caption id="attachment_7484" align="aligncenter" width="825" caption="Exoplanet within habitable zone (credit: concept image)"][/caption] The newly exoplanet is designated as HD-85512b, weighs in at nearly 4 times the mass of Earth, is estimated to be hot and humid, and exists 35 light years away from us. Temperatures on this super-Earth range from ~86-125F with cloud cover producing the atmosphere like a steam bath. If life did exist on HD-85512b it might be short and squat and live close to the ground since gravity there is nearly 1.5 times what we experience on Earth. If anyone were ever to visit this saunaworld, they would want to bring a towel and cold water. WHB
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