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Sharkcano = sharks + volcano

Sharkcano = sharks + volcano

Shark inside Kavachi volcano, Solomon Islands (credit: YouTube)

In one of the more curious ecological adaptions ever observed, sharks have been seen swimming inside an active undersea volcano. A marine engineer and his team were investigating hydrothermal activity around Kavachi volcano located in the Solomon Islands of the Western Pacific. The volcano was not erupting, so the researchers were able to lower instruments, including a drone camera, into the underwater crater. Inside the volcano, they discovered hammerhead and silky sharks living inside and unaffected by the hostile environment.

The oceans have produced some of the strangest adaptations to extreme environments. With most of the marine depths still unexplored the chances of finding even more remarkable fish and other creature is more than likely. The researchers made no mention of what happened to the resident sharks when the volcano erupts. WHB

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