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Super-strange, rare, & ugly

Super-strange, rare, & ugly


Striped anglerfish (credit: Wikipedia)


Using robotic cams, researchers at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium (MARBI) for the first time have captured video of a very strange, rare, and ugly creature, the anglerfish, swimming in the depths of Monterrey Canyon. Sometimes called the black seadevil, bony Anglerfish evolved over a short period in the early to mid-Cretaceous era, between 100-130 million years ago. They use a bio-luminescent 'lure' to attract both potential prey and a mate in the darkness of marine depths.

Because of this pitch black habitat, Anglerfish are rarely observed but they were a key character in the popular animated film, Finding Nemo. They looked better fictionalized than in reality. WHB

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