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The Last North Expedition

The Last North Expedition

Eric Larsen, explorer (credit: Eric Larsen)

Eric Larsen is a explorer, guide, and environmental educator who has spent the past 20 years traveling through some of the most extreme environments on Earth. Larsen has completed more polar expeditions than any other American. He presented his Last North Expedition to a conservation audience organized by the outdoor sports organization The Conservation Alliance.

According to their announcement, in May 2014 Eric Larsen and a companion reached the geographic North Pole, completing a 480-mile, unsupported and unaided, expedition from Canada's Ellesmere Island. The journey could easily be called one of the most difficult anywhere. Their trek across the pack ice may be the last of its kind due to the rapidly changing climate in the Arctic.

Larsen's presentation, Colder, is a dramatic narrative about the expedition with added stories from two decades of extreme adventure travel by the Colorado-based explorer. From first-hand accounts, Larsen will share how these once vast frozen spaces are being affected by climate change. In the past, explorer's have often quipped, because it's there, when describing why go to such remote places. Eric Larsen's Arctic trek stands in stark contrast, because it will not be there much longer.


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