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Triumph at Saturn, Part 2
Hugh Bollinger

Triumph at Saturn, Part 2

Wate geysers on Enceladus (credit: Cassini mission)

NASA's Cassini mission spent thirteen years orbiting Saturn taking measurements, gathering data, and imaging the golden planet and its moons. The discoveries Cassini made were myriad and the gathered data continues presenting new surprises. They included the European Space Agency's hitchhiking probe, Huygens, being the first space probe to land on the moon of another planet, Titan; observing Saturn's north pole has hexagonal cyclones larger than the Earth; the tiny moon Iapetus has a moon-wide mountain range reaching twelve miles high; and Saturn's icy moon Enceladus has constantly erupting water geysers with a chemistry not unlike the oceans on Earth. The second part of the Triumph at Saturn was released by the Jet Propulsion Lab to explain Cassini's accomplishments. 

As Cassini's work at Saturn was coming to its conclusion, the nuclear fuel powering the probe was almost depleted, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory desinged a Grand Finale for the mission. Cassini would make on a servies of dives between Saturn's rings capturing its last data and images before plunging into Saturn and being crushed by the planet's pressure. JPL artists created concept images of what Cassini would be seeing as it finished its tour. The Lab would receive an Emmy Award for their television and media coverage of Cassini's remarkable engineering and scientific accomplishments. WHB

                              Cassini's Grand Finale (credit: JPL)

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