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Visualizing Time

Visualizing Time

Tibetan Plateau rivers & mountains, 1984-2016 (credit: Timelapse & Landsat-8/Copernicus satellites)


The capacity to view a landscape or other environment over time offers excellent perspective on undertanding changes that unfold slowly. Rephotography is a perfect for such purposes. Google Earth, using Landsat and other satellite images, produced an animation, to show how locations  have changed over multiple years.

Satellite images were acquired above the same landscape and then combined into a 32-year time-line of the location. The visualizations were created by Timelapse, a Google project. The program manager, Chris Herwig, said in a post that his team reviewed more than 5,000,000 satellite images gathered by NASA, the ESA, USGS, and other research agencies over 32 years:

“For this latest Timelapse update, we had access to more images from the past, thanks to the Landsat Global Archive, and fresh images from two new (Earth-monitoring) satellites, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2.

Tools like rephotograpy and Timelapse are critical, 'facts-based', components of environmental research. The visualizations can provide understanding, often better than words, of events rapidly unfolding from climate chang, now in 'real time'. WHB

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