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The Conservation Alliance

Wombat Day
Hugh Bollinger

Wombat Day


Wombat grazing in Wilson's Promontory NP, Victoria Australia (credit: Peter Dwyer)

World Wombat Day was designated to celebrate one of Australia's most iconic animals. The marsupials exist only on the island continent. There are many way to appreciate wombats: visit a zoo to learn about their conservation needs; have kids create wombat drawings or other projects at school; even bake cookies or cakes shaped like wombats as a sweet reminder.

Wombats should be a conservation symbol. Unfortunately, their populations are declining and one species is critically endangered in Australia. The nocturnal, slow moving creatures are often killed while crossing roads at night; they suffer from loss of their natural habitat to development; and can become infected by the parasitic skin disease mange from which they can perish. Wildlife rescue organizations like Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary work to rehabilitate wounded wombats and return them to the wild.

Designating of a single day to celebrate a special animal or plant can help raise environmental awareness. An even better idea is to volunteer to help an organization in their conservation efforts or donate to support their efforts so they can continue.


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